K Plus can help you determine savings goals for college and retirement, establish a proper asset allocation, pick no-load mutual funds and monitor the progress of your portfolio.


At retirement, making the proper budget and asset allocation decisions can be crucial. Withdraw too much from your nest egg or invest too conservatively and you may run out of money. We can help you develop an income strategy designed to meet your budget today and be ready for tomorrow.

Individual investors searching for guidance face some tough decisions. Most financial planners and firms offering financial assistance to individuals are either life insurance salespeople, bank investment officers or stock brokers looking to sell products under the guise of financial planning. Some of these financial planners earn up to 8% on your investments.

Many fee-based financial planners prefer to be compensated on an asset-based scale. The going rate is 1% of assets up to $1 million which would cost $10,000/year on a $1 million nest egg.

K Plus works differently. The K Plus advantage is affordability. We don’t represent any fund or investment provider. We represent you. We don’t sell the funds we recommend. K Plus bills on an hourly basis for the work you need. Our fee is $150 per hour. We won’t manage your money. We help you choose the best options, and provide instructions on how to take charge of your financial future.