K Plus services help you fulfill your fiduciary obligations and enable your participants to get the most out of their 401(k) plan.

401(k) Provider Search

Search K Plus can help you find the best 401(k) program for you and your participants. We work with insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds and third party administrators. We ask the tough questions to avoid unexpected surprises in the future.

Investment Selection Assistance

With so many fund choices available, selecting the best investment funds is often confusing and difficult. K Plus uses the latest risk/reward technology to help you select superior funds from each appropriate investment category.

Investment Policy Statement

This document establishes investment benchmarks and procedures for monitoring and managing your plan's investment assets in compliance with ERISA.

Investment Monitoring

K Plus prepares an annual investment monitoring report for the Trustees summarizing the performance of your funds relative to the benchmarks which were established in your Investment Policy Statement. The report also contains an independent appraisal of how the performance was achieved.

Employee Education Seminars

K Plus conducts the following Education Seminars utilizing customized PowerPoint presentations and employee handouts:
  • Enrollment/Re-enrollment Meetings
  • Investment Education Seminars
  • 401(k) Coaching Sessions - One-on-one

Sample Participant Portfolios

Employees struggle with complex decisions about investing their 401(k) assets. K Plus provides sample portfolios to help with these decisions.

Quarterly Newsletters and Hypothetical Performance Charts

Customized employee newsletters continue the education process. Investment hypotheticals allow your participants to follow all your plan's funds with an easy to understand bar chart format utilizing dollar growth instead of percentages.
-All services are available on an á la carte basis.-